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Aşkın's 'Bodrum Adventure' started in 1980 when he was appointed to Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum as an archaeologist. In the course of time he received the title "Underwater Archaeologist" along with Oğuz Alpözen and Yaşar Yıldız, thus they became the precursors of Underwater Archeology at our country.

After ending his work as an archaeologist at the museum, Aşkın Cambazoğlu opened a boutique hotel and a dive center at the shore of Kumbahce region of Bodrum (where the boat anchored today). He is one of the pioneers of underwater tourism in Turkey. Along with  recreational diving he  also owns a commercial diving company. Besides, he is giving lectures in Underwater Archaeology and Underwater Tourism in Turkey and writing articles about aforementioned subjects.

He is combining his knowledge in archaeology, underwater arcaheology and diving along with the experiences in tourism industry to create dive charter, archaeological dive charter and private diving tours. 

The company continues it's business with Aşkın and his son Tunç Cambazoğlu.

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